Wedding Dress Redesign Feature- Emily's Dress

Hello lovelies! One of my favourite types of projects to work on is creating a new dress out of a vintage one, especially if the vintage dress has special signifigance to the bride. I often work with a bride to redesign her mom or grandmother's dress into a new dress to fit the bride's style, so I thought I would highlight a few of my favourite redesigns from the past few years in a series of posts.
There are many ways you can incorporate a vintage dress into something just for you. I’ve worked on redesign projects that range from simple alterations (and perhaps removing some very 80s sleeves in many cases) to fit, simplify and modernize a style, to complete overhauls where we essentially use the original dress as fabric to cut an entirely different dress, and everything in between.

The first dress I’d like to showcase is one of those in between projects. For Emily’s wedding dress we kept the basic silhouette and many of the original pieces of her grandmother’s dress, and then both added and took away elements to complete her modern vintage look.

We kept the original skirt but I added extra lace appliqués, using lace that was originally on the shawl collar of the dress as well as some new pieces that worked well with the style of the original lace. I removed the shawl collar from the sheer top for a cleaner look and I replaced the original satin bodice with a new one with built-in support and a lower V back. I also added a combination of new and original lace to the sleeves, bodice, neckline and back to highlight the new shape. The finished product was a dress with a modern vintage look that complimented Emily's garden wedding and her personal style.
Original photos courtesy of Emily Rose.
Photos of Emily's wedding by Gabe McClintock. See more photos in my Porfolio section here.